Bonito Leather Tote Bag

$229.99 $309.99

Be it a casual meeting or be it a date, a leather tote bag is something that will always add up an awe quotient to your style. And if that is a Bonito Tote, take a note, there will be no words less than ‘awesome’ to describe you. So, let’s dive into the Bonito Leather Tote Bag, to know more about it.

On a quick glance, you will notice the beautiful, intricate, handmade stitching details all over the bag. You may get lost in the heavenly minimal designer stitches, but let us assure you, that there’s more to this than meets the eye. In the interior, we have the classic brown and white striped fabric which not only contemplates the sophisticated outlook of the bag but also takes necessary care of all the things put inside of the bag. We know that now, you are super curious about the organizational capacity of the bag, so let us focus on the interior zippered pockets of Bonito Tote that will efficiently take care of all your daily essentials and little things that you carry throughout the day. For your small to not-so-small accessories, we have different-sized pockets inside the bag. If you carry something heavy and want the assurance, voila! You have a leather base to support the weight. What? Do you want to keep it light and simple? Surprise! It is removable! You can keep it or remove it according to your need. Win-win, right?

We don’t want any of our things to be misplaced to make our lives tougher, do we? Keeping that thought in mind, Bonito Tote also comes with an advanced security feature to retain your things as organized as you have kept them in the bag when the day started. For the main compartment closure, we have enabled the bag with strong magnets which will hold the opening sides of the compartment together, preventing the accidental loss of any of your belongings. You don’t want to lose anything, and we don’t want to lose you!



  • Material: Full Grain Buffalo Leather
  • Size: 16" L x 12" H x 5 W
  • Color: Pecan
  • Zippered Closure
  • Intricate and detailed handmade stitching.
  • A sophisticated interior with an aesthetic detachable canvas lining.
  • An interior filled with the varied sizes of zippered pockets for effortless categorization.

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