All through my educational years, my mom and I had the same conversation repeatedly.

Me: I need a dress for my prom/homecoming/seniors’ evening

She: Just rent one!

All through my life, I found people willing to stitch up a nice dress for me at such an affordable cost that even my mother did not argue with me. The same conversation went on for my marriage, which made me think if I could get a quality dress made at an affordable cost, why not all the other beautiful women out there should get the same!

Since that day, I started to gather like-minded friends and contacted all the people that had helped me in getting the ideal dress for the occasion. This is how we came up with the company, a bunch of friends (who have now turned fiercely professional and competitive) hiring another bunch of skilled artisans that carve out the ideal dress for any occasion, right for your size. The smile that we send along every dress is yours and free of course.

Three years later, we have decided to take the brand to every corner of this great country and who knows, beyond the borders (as is the plan for the year 2019). This is why you see us now on the cyber front, a place we were too scared to venture out. However, we are here now and here to stay and make you look ravishingly beautiful.

Our Unique Feature

The feature that we boast everywhere about our product is fabric used and the design that we create. Our design department provides the designs and latest insight of the fashion scene stirring our brains and picking the best out of thousands just for you to feel like a princess every time you wear a dress provided by Gown For Women.

Our Mission

When we started the company, we had no idea that many people around us would want a custom-made dress based on our designs and sizes. However, we have touched almost every state without going on the global cybersphere. We now want every girl/women/lady to own a dress and flaunt it whenever required, maybe even to her grandkids when they ask about the pretty women in the family album. We imagine a world with every woman carrying one of our exclusive dresses for every occasion, making her own the night like a fairy tale come true.

No Compromise on Quality

With the sales volume soaring in the past six months, we compromised on many things like our sleep and family time. The one thing we did not compromise on was the quality of the fabric, design, and tailored to satisfy your fashion taste buds. We also did not resort to unnatural methods like machining products for half-cooked dresses in order to save time and get some more sleep. Every dress is still made from scratch once you order it. You order it and we make it!

The Budget Factor

Custom made dresses, be it gowns, nightdresses, bridesmaid dress or any other kind, are not a cheap commodity and therefore, more often than not people prefer rented out clothes which go back once the night is over. However, by cutting overhead costs and minimizing our profit margins, we bring you these ravishing gown collections at a price that will not be heavy on your pocket at all. This one thing correlates with our mission of getting these beautiful gowns and dresses to the maximum number of pretty women around the country. 

Get to Know Us

If this page has not told you about us adequately, you can always contact us for more information. We can provide with all the information about design and production process along with the shipment procedure and return policy. Our skilled, experienced and warm customer care representative will assist and respond to all inquiries that you may have at Our customer service promises to respond within one business day as customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Our office hours are:

Monday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 11:00 or call us at 1-845-751-0901