Basel Vintage Leather Notebook Holder

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Basel Vintage Leather Notebook Holder is the perfect elegant cardholder you can find. Made with full-grain cowhide this cardholder is calculatedly divided into four parts, the first of which is solely left for keeping your cards, the left interior pocket is for papers, receipts, and money—the third is actually a pen holder for tucking in your favorite pen and the last right interior pocket is there for holding the notebook. The cardholder is handstitched for maximum durability, so you don’t need to worry about all the usual wear and tear. Basel Vintage Leather Notebook Holder is actually the perfect blend that primarily holds your cards and doubles up as a notebook holder as well.


  • Pen holder
  • Left Interior Pocket
  • Card Slots
  • Right side pocket for a notebook
  • Handstitched
  • Lightweight yet High capacity
  • Beautiful vintage brown shade.
  • *Please note: this does not include a notepad or pen


  • Full Grain Cowhide Leather


  • Dimension: 4.21" H x 6.06" W 
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.

Please Note:
Leather softens and darkens with the use
Each notebook holder is uniquely individual due to slight color and marking variations on natural leather

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