Large Leather Travel Duffel Bag

$214.99 $309.99

We know that you are always craving for a break from your tight work schedule which is tightening its grip around your neck every passing minute. The one thing that can bring you the breezy air of an autumn afternoon is travelling. Travelling can refill your energy bar instantaneously—and needless to say that a tour without a proper travel bag is not a tour. That’s why we, at James Leather, have come up with the perfect travel buddy for you—Large Leather Travel Duffel Bag.

Hand-stitched with magnificent quality buffalo leather this bag is appropriate for every season. Our artisans have meticulously incorporated their magic over the curated buffalo leather which contains an epidermal membrane which, as researchers claim, is three times denser than cowhide. The interior is decorated with cotton polyester premium lining which not only ensures a sturdy finish but also adds a unique look to the bag. With a long zipper that allows the bag to open all the way up, it gets easier to pack and find things inside while the shape allows it to be roomy without being too hefty like other accessorized bags. You also get four different belt-loop pockets on different sides of the bag to get quick access to a lot of things that you can keep in the bag. For carrying the bag in your hands, you get two top leather handles making it easier to carry without stressing your hands. In case you think of carrying the bag on or across your shoulder, you get two leather straps to fulfil that purpose. 



  • Material: Full Grain Buffalo Leather
  • Size: 30"
  • Colour: Bourbon
  • Spacious Interior Compartment
  • Multiple Pockets with belt-loop enclosure
  • Two Leather Top Handles
  • Double Leather strap

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