Men's Vintage Biker Motorcycle Brown Leather Jacket

100% genuine leather crafted to make this brilliant Men's biker motorcycle light brown Brando vintage top upper winter leather jacket just for you. The zipper-opening jacket makes it a commodity that not many people have. Crafted to fit your body to perfection.

The sleeves are zip closure that makes it easy to close when operating your bike or car. Moreover, 1 horizontal zipper chest pockets and 2 waist vertical pockets allow you extra space even when you are racing through on your bike or even while running to work on a chilly morning. Belt buckles allow you to fit the jacket on your waist according to the style you require 

An antique light brown color that is seldom seen in genuine leather. A secret natural process that gives it the look that you see in pictures. A color that people have fallen in love with over and over again. 

Please check out the size chart to see your own fitting 

Seldom do you come across an antique jacket that is right out of a Hollywood movie. Be the hero of your own life with this Men's biker motorcycle light brown Brando vintage top upper winter leather jacket. Extra space, perfect fit, and a beautiful light brown shade of leather will turn heads more than you can ever imagine. Extra padding for comfort, low collar style, and a look to die for, order this genuine leather motorcycle jacket right away. Free shipping all around the country allows you to get the jacket at a price no one can imagine in the USA! Get yours right away!

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